он-лайн урок и выставка "РЕСПЕКТ" в Хакасии

Tuesday, 03 March 2015
  4 марта в 16:00 в Хакасском национальном краеведческом музее им. Л.Р. Кызласова...

Новый комикс в редакции

Thursday, 19 February 2015
Скоро появится новый комикс немецкой художницы Оливии Фивег "Держи вора!"

Приехали новые комиксы!!

Friday, 16 January 2015
Сегодня в московский офис приехали коробки с новыми комиксами Респект. Это 4 из 12...

Уже в цвете!

Friday, 22 August 2014
Первые 5 историй уже в цвете! Это Саша Хоммер и его история про Мальчика из Швеции,...


Festival KomMissiya


institut francais russieEmbassy of France in Russia

Dear Friends! If you want to see the Respect Exhibition in your city, contact us via e-mail or fb!

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Nomatter how different people from different countries look, they still have something in common. A different appearance is no reason for aggression, if you remember that we're all the same on the inside.

Like everyone else


The Plucked Chicken

When I got the screenplay about philosophers discussing "what is a person", I really jumped with joy. Nothing makes a person more human than philosophizing about what a "person" is. As an artist, I am happy to offer the reader the opportunity to join in this fruitful and useful activity. What, for me is a person? I don't know. But I reflect about what kind of person I am every day.

Boy from Sweden

There is a new boy in the class, from Sweden. It shouldn't be a problem, but for some people it is.If you are from another country or just differ from others, you might be in trouble. That's what my story is about.


This comics is called "Rocks". It's a story about people and why we must pay more attention to them. Based on true stories.

Jumbar's Star

Russia has the largest number of migrant workers in Europe, and the 2nd largest number in the world after the USA...

The Manhole

Sometimes it's difficult to tell whom to blame, but every mistake can be corrected if you really want it


A comic about Project Respect's trip to Dagestan. I was surprised by how different this region is to its image in the Moscow media.

Sasha and others

Story about difficulties of love, told by my good friend

The Bet

Story of a real bet between two friends. Thanks god it ended up well

Crush Landing

A story about how it is never too late to change the world...

You're the Baddie!

When respect within a family is lost and the shouting begins ("You're a dirty Walloon!"; "And you're a..."; and so on), what can a child do? How can he make sense of his parents' broken relationship? He starts playing at war between the Walloons and the Flemish - imitating what he sees within his own family. For now, he plays with toy soldiers. For now. But what we learn as a child is what makes us who we are.

Fish Day

It's so easy to create conflict between two cultures, and so difficult put things right afterwards. I don't believe the people who shout about all our problems being down to red-heads, immigrants or...fish! Please - use your head!

Lawfull Goverment

Different cultures can have completely different views about what’s the correct way of living, while we often try to impose them our own rules. Respect for me is not to impose rules for the game of others.


A story about the groups and divisions we find ourselves forced into at school and the struggle of an unlikely alliance of friends trying to break free from categorisation.


A black woman's subjective paranoia trip within a white city who is being observed by it's citizens, rejected or recognized only because of the colour of her skin.

The Hedgehog

A story about respecting the labour of others

Beauty Rules

A Visit to the City of the most beautiful People, where Beauty is everyone's Duty. It's the Dictatorship of Beauty and all those that are not beautiful enough must keep themselves invisible or they get deported to the "countryside"

The Perfect Girls

Two cool guys meet two smart girls on the beach - what can go wrong? A modern version of the classic "clothes make the man"


This is a story about minorities and majorities. A story about being different, outsider and lonely. And a story about loving someone.

Confessions of a little Fascist

In this story I confess to a terrible, dark secret and invite you to look deep into your own conscious to see what prejudices may be lurking there.

For Want of Respect

The persons in the comic suffer from a deprivation of respect. They cannot give respect to others, and a woebegone circle develops

My Family and Other Gypsies

A short family saga challenging stereotypes, misconceptions and outright lies about gypsies.


A black woman's subjective paranoia trip within a white city who is being observed by it's citizens, rejected or recognized only because of the colour of her skin.