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Dag Mangaki
Tevriz Kadieva nad Leyla Ramaldanova alias Dag Mangaki.  

 After a 'natural selection' from 12 youth trembling with a burning desire to create something unique and magical with their hands, there remained five of the most recklessly zealous individuals who wished to draw comics: Lilush, Tevriz, Rasul, Ramadan and Islam - the team of Daghestani comic book artists!

 Lilush is also known as Leyla Ramldanova – an authentic mangaka, and author of Japanese anime... She was born in 1995 in the city of Makhachkala. She has been passionate about comics and manga almost from her time at junior school. For a long time she drew manga as a kind of hobby. Her aim was to open a manga club, but never managed a suitable group of people. In 2013 she began to draw comics in a manga style with "Dag mangaki". This team soon split up but afterwards she began to work with Tevriz. 

Tevriz Kadieva- with fine pencil drawings- is a combination of classical arts education and anime-drawing. She is also passionate about manga. She was born in 1994 in the village of Kasumkent. She has loved drawing since her childhood, but has mastered the Manga style since 2013. In the team she is more inclined to classical graphics and graphic comics. At the present time she is working on a project in which several drawing styles are merged in one. She likes to experiment with drawing and with scripts.
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