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Reinhard Kleist
Reinhard Kleist (Born 1970) studied at the school for Graphic and Design in Münster. Works as an illustrator for books, Cds, advertisement, magazines and animation. In 2006 the book "Cash - I see a darkness" came out and has since then been translated into fourteen languages. Has published a book about Fidel Castro, which appeared in Germany in 2010 and has also been translated into many languages. In 2012 my book "The Boxer" about a jewish boxer appeared in Germany. "Berlinoir", a series about vampyres in Berlin, was republished in 2014 in a all-in-one edition by my publishing house Carlsen. In 2013 had the chance to work with ARTE in a refugee camp in Northern Iraq. The results can be seen here: ARTE Refugees His latest book about the somali runner Samia Yusuf Omar was published by Carlsen under the title "Der Traum von Olympia" this year.
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