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Thierry Bouüaert

Thierry Bouüaert

Comics artist, illustrator

(1964, Brussels, Belgium).

Great grandson of the painter Jef Bouüaert, passionate about many forms of artistic expression, from the plastic arts to music, design and prêt-à-porter.

After studying illustration at the St Luc Institute of Arts, and comics at the St Gilles Academy of Fine Arts, where the first major themes of his career emerge (interpersonal relationships, behavioral chemicals, emotional intelligence, and incidence of dramatic events), he’s first published as far back as 1987.

Afterwards published regularly in Spirou magazine (1989-1991). In the 90s worked in illustration for several magazines and for concept packaging and marketing research offices.


1993 — The Ghost Train (Le train fantôme). His first comic: An adaptation with Jacques Stoquart of the novel by John Flanders.

2004-2007 — Catherine’s Style (Le style Catherine). Graphic novel in three parts about an abused young girl fighting to get her normal life back. The peculiarity of this narrative is in the exclusive monologue between the principal character and the reader, like a strange friendship.

2005 — Mural fresco unveiled in Saint-Gilles (Brussels).

2006 — comic-strip biography of John F. Kennedy, written by Maryse and Jean-François Charles (Casterman).

2011 — Comic book adaptation and translation of The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield. From the original novel, which shows the fragility and tragedy of the instant when a teen makes his first adult choice, emerges the difference in culture (respect to others) between social classes. For this Thierry had to completely change his writing style.

Currently working on a project about the Russian youth of the 90s.
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