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Ptiluc (real name Luc Lefevre) was born in 1956 in Mons in the Walloon region of Belgium. He had hardly begun to read before he was producing his own comics. From the age of seven he began creating and “publishing” his own graphic stories – just one copy of each. However, his decision to become a professional artist was still a long way off. First, in line with his parents’ wishes, came his scientific studies at university, parallel to which he continued to produce mini comics anthologies, whose success on the campus gave the author confidence in his abilities. After turning twenty, Ptiluc said goodbye to the faculty and headed off to a major Brussels publishing house with his portfolio. Alas, no one there was ready for him. The young author would have to wait seven more years before publishers began to appreciate his work. He didn’t let this time go to waste: he created cheesy caption strips and posters for parties, drew caricatures in the local press and illustrated brochures for scouts and bikers. In his spare time he continued to create anthologies, which as before failed to inspire the right people. In Brussels, publishers advised him to go to Paris “where they are able to judge stories like these on their merit”, and in Paris they recommended that he seek satisfaction in Brussels. And so it was - until the moment that Andre Franken, well-known creator of that charming antihero Gaston Lagaffe, used his indisputable authority to convince publishing house Hatier to look closer at his protégé. Before long Ptiluc’s first collection of comics from his Pacush Blues series was released by the newly created subdivision Hatier Vents d’Ouest. As the artist’s work had been piling up for some time, his next three collections appeared within the space of one month. Their success induced the editor at Vents d’Ouest to get in touch with Paris. It is here that Ptiluc has continued to think up his graphic fables, in which we find rats (Faces de rats), primates (Ni Dieu ni bête), piglets (La Foire aux cochons) and other animal subjects, whose traits and actions remind us of our own human nature.
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