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Tiitu Takalo

Tiitu Takalo (real name Vilya Takalo, b.1976, Tampere)

Artist, scriptwriter, illustrator, publisher.

Staunch feminist and human rights campaigner. In 2010 took part in comics project «Culture Clash: Articles and Comics on Racism, Antiracism and Different Cultures». One of the most talented female artist of her generation.

For Tiitu, comics represent above all the freedom to speak out on gender relations without fear of public criticism.

As a child she read Tintin, Lucky Luke — everything in the library that she could get her hands on. At school she dreamt of becoming a comics artist, but it was a long time before she finally decided to enroll in courses. Her passion for comics won out and she ended up getting an education in classical art from the Professional Academy in Tampere. She continued to draw comics in secret, without the knowledge of her fellow students.

For a long time Tiitu didn’t have the confidence to publish her work — until, that is, she came across a fanzine publication. Tiitu then came up with the idea of starting her own small publishing house, Hyena Publishing (2001), which has published comics by female comics artists of various nationalities.


2000 — Winged Women (Siivekkäitä naisia), fanzine publication.

2005 — Stupid Girl (Tyhmä tyttö). Collection of short stories, most originally distributed in fanzine format.

2007 — The Ring (Kehä). Story about two friends, both female boxers, who must fight each other in competition.

2008 — Ice (Jää). Collection of stories about Finnish board game «Star of Africa», relationships, feminism and other things.

2009 — Wind and Thunder (Tuuli ja myrsky). Inspired in part by Mari Kamaya’s article entitled «How I Was Raped» and illustrated by Tiitu. A story about friends, relationships, fear and hatred.

2011 — Foster Sons and Cotton Girls (Ottopoikia ja työläistyttöjä). Two hundred and thirty years of life in Tampere, retold in nine stories. Text by Pauli Kallio.
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