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Rob Davis

Rob Davis (1968, Dorset, UK)

Comics writer, artist, illustrator

Has always been a com¬puls¬ive storyteller, he turn every aspect of his life into story, and com¬ics were the way he could make the stor¬ies ‘real’. He started drawing comics when he was 8, at that age he couldn’t make a TV show or a movie, but he could make a comic. «There’s a punk ethos to com¬ics that gives kids a chance to express them¬selves way before music or any other dis-cip¬line gives them that chance».

Rob’s career has led him through all manner of books, magazines, comics and advertising, but throughout it all his passion for the potential of comics has always led him back to this medium for his own projects. This began in 1989 when he gave up a fine art degree to self- publish Slang comic.

He has worked as an illustrator for children’s books (inc Horrible Histories), newspapers (The Guardian), magazines (FHM, Shoot, Inside Soap). Recently his work has featured in the Solipstic Pop anthologies and SelfMadeHero’s Lovecraft collection.

This year Rob has edited the pioneering graphic anthology Nelson for Blank Slate books and has completed the first Volume of his ambitious Graphic novel adaption of Don Quixote for SelfMadeHero, he is currently working hard on Volume two.

Other comics:

How I Built My Father — about the image we create of our fathers set against the social and culture factors that define who they (and we) are.

Torturer’s garden is about the cycle of violence that exists on a microcosmic and macrocosmic level and how imagination is key to breaking it.
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