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Karrie Fransman
Comic Creator

Born in Edinburgh what I’d like to think was a dark and stormy night way back in ‘81. Now live in London. Went on to study Psychology and Sociology at uni and began writing my first graphic stories after reading Daniel Clowe’s Ghost World and realizing that comics don’t need to be about superheroes.

Since then my style’s evolved and now I draw fiction and ‘creative autobiographies’; a name I coined to described the true tales I write that spiral into fantasy all too often. Some people would call them lies. I prefer ‘creative autobiographies’.

Having left my job as a creative advertiser I now work running a ‘Comics and Comic Production’ internship at the wonderful London Print Studio.

Now I run a comics-project with disadvantaged teenagers — many from immigrant families and racial minorities in London and have just finished a comic project with homeless teenagers. I think comics have the potential to speak to all people regardless of educational level, nationality or age.

There are a huge amount of immigrants from all over the world in London and many come to the country not being able to speak English and struggle to find work. I have found that drawing their stories through comics is a fantastic way of showing people the world seen through a different pair of eyes.


Comics strips in The Guardian

’The Night I Lost My Love’-comic serial, in The Times

‘The House That Groaned’, graphic novel, will be published in January 2012 by Random House’s Square Peg.


Her comics sculptures were exhibited in The Cartoon Museum, London Print Studio, Marine Studios, APG Gallery. In December she will exhibit her works in Belgium and will lecture at Sint Lucas University on ’experimental comics’.
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