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Elke R. Steiner

Elke R. Steiner
Artist, illustrator

(1971 Bremen, lives and works in Berlin)

Studied art and visual communication.

She has published several comic books and exhibited her comics in Germany and abroad. Now and then she passes on her experiences in comic workshops.

The main topic of her comics is a life of real historical characters and the history of German-Jewish relations.


She drew her first comics album during her practice in Jewish Museum in Rendsburg, it was called «Rendsburg. Prinzessinstrasse. The history of a Jewish community in a small town (Edition Panel, 2001)

In 2004 German comics publisher Reprodukt published her graphic novel «Other Mendelsons».

Historical comics «Herbert Lewin and Kate Frankenthal -

two Jewish doctors from Germany», 2005.

In 2011 she published two biographical novels:

«Regina Jonas -Woman Rabbi» — biography of the first woman rabbi.

«Catharina Margaretha Linck» — life of the last woman being executed for sodomy in 1721.

Elke R. Steiner is widely involved in the social topics, works with subjects like human rights, queer rights.

Her works were exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, Israel.
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