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Alexander Gellner

Alexander Gellner (1982, Berlin)
Comics author, illustrator
Alexander studied communication design in Berlin and since 2004 has been working in freelance illustration and motion graphics. In 2010, he opened the creative design studio bitteschö with Roland Brückner.

Alexander’s works are printed often, in publications such as Index Illustration and Lürzers Archiv’s «200 Best Illustrators World Wide». Alexander has animated music videos for Ich+Ich, SDP, Hermes House Band, and L’Ame Immortelle, as well as the short films Akte Yps and One Minute Puberty, which have had successful runs at film festivals and online.

But it all began with comics. In school, Alexander discovered a passion for graphic narratives and began developing his talents. Since 2000, his strips and short comics have been published in fanzines and comics journals. In 2006, his mini-comic Alter Ego — All Comic Writers Go to Hell was published. The comic was a hit, and the second printing has already sold out, but it can still be found online.

Along with entertainment and advertising projects, Alexander collaborates with various authors and organizations on comic projects, children’s books and scripts for TV series.

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